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Princess Fiona

Princess Fiona Costume

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Official Princess Fiona Costume

*Long two toned green satin dress with attached belt
*Red wig
*Head band and ears

Medium- size 12-14
Bust 38-40
Waist 30-32
Waist to hem 40

Large - size 16-18
Bust 40-42
Waist 34-36
Waist to hem 41

In the first of the Shrek movies we meet the Princess Fiona whom
we learn is plagued by a curse that transforms her into an Ogress
at sunset but by morning she reverts back to her human form.
She has been locked in a castle for many years guarded by a fearsome
dragon until she is eventually rescued by Shrek and Donkey.
They then go on to have many many adventures in the Kingdom
of Far Far Away and encounter such fantastic characters as
Lord Farquaad,Rumpelstiltskin and Fairy Godmother and Fiona
shows that she is one of fairytales great survivors.