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1980's Lace Kit-Pink

1980's Lace Kit-Pink Costume

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1980's Kit includes;

*Lace Pink Mesh Top
*Matching Gloves

Fits up to size 12

As punk faded from the 70's, Eighties Fashion poured from the Art
Schools and the Fashion Colleges into the clubs and pubs. Music
and fashion overlapped and Boy George and Adam Ant became
household names, as over the top fashion became mainstream.
The 1980's was a time of brash bright and bold fashion. Crazy and
outrageous fashion became the norm. 1980's clothes were an expression
of creativity and individuality. It was the era big hair Leg Warmers, Huge
Earrings, Shoulder Pads, Fingerless Gloves and over sized tops.
If anything can describe 80's fashion it is over the top and larger than life.
Costume your Irish Fancy Dress Costume Specialist !!