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Beefeater Costume

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Beefeater Costume consists of:

*Long red top with gold and black detailing, a white ruff style collar and a central printed gold crown. Also an attached belt with a gold metallic buckle.
*Red trousers with gold ribbon ties around the legs.
*Hat decorated with red, white and blue faux flowers.

  • Standard:
    • Chest size to 42"
  • Extra Large:
    • Chest size to 46"
The warders of Her Majesty's Royal Palace and of the Tower
of London are popularly known as Beefeaters .In olden times
these select guards had the right to eat as much beef from
the King's kitchen as the pleased....a food luxury only available
to the wealthiest subjects, thus the nickname Beefeaters. This
fancy dress costume displays all the grace and pomp associated with
this famous regiment.
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