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Classic Scotty-Deluxe

Classic Scotty-Deluxe Costume

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Original Red Star Trek shirt with embroidered emblem and gold trim detail on sleeve.

Medium Suitable up to 40inch chest.
Large Suitable up to 44 inch chest.

Montgomery 'Scotty' Scott was the Scottish engineer on board the Star Ship Enterprise. He held the rank of lieutenant commander and second officer.Scotty was often put into impossible positions by his Star Trek captain often being asked to drive the Star Ship Enterprise to its very limits. His iconic phrase 'She canne take any more Captain', has gone down in Star Trek folklore. He was renouned for devising solutions to the most complex problems often solving them in a most unconventional manner. Scotty operated the ship's transporter system and the catchphrase 'Beam me up Scotty', gained universal popularity worldwide even though those words were never actually spoken .His famous 'Scotty drinks Alien under the table' scene will long remain in the memory of all Trekkies.