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Dumbette-Orange Costume

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Costume Consists of

*Top with attached ruffled bodice
* Skirt
*Matching bow tie
*Mini Orange Top Hat
with clips

Spandex Stretch Material-Suitable size UK 8-12
Bust 32-36"
Waist 24-30"
Skirt is 15" in lenght

The original movie Dumb and Dumber starred Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels
and was made in 1994 and it has developed a cult following since its release.
Harry and Lloyd a well meaning pair of not too bright pals set out to return a
briefcase full of money to to its rightful owner not knowing that the money was
ransom for a kidnap.All sorts of wacky adventures ensue but all ends well
for our two hapless pals.A sequel entitled Dumb and Dumber To is due for
release in late 2014.