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Helen Of Troy

Helen Of Troy Costume

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Helen of Troy, Greek Goddess comprises of;

*Long White dress with Gold drape, and Heavy gold shoulder clips
* Golden wire Tiara with small gold coin fringe

Small-Size 8-10
Bust 32-34"
waist 26-28"
Shoulder to hem 54"

Medium-Size 12-14
Bust 36-38"
waist 30-32"
Shoulder to hem 55"

Large-Size 16-18
Bust 40-42"
waist 34-36"
Shoulder to hem 56"

Helen of Troy
the face that launched a thousand ships was,
according to Greek Mythology the most beautiful woman in
the world .When she was abducted by Paris it triggered a
ten year war between the Greeks and the Trojans. Helen was
the daughter of the king of the Gods. Zeus.This classic
costume brings the beauty of Helen of Troy to life.
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