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Lady Lock Down Costume

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Cop costume includes;

*Blue Corset top with lace up back
*Layered satin skirt
*Collar with tie
*Cop Hat
*Police Badge
*Handcuffs (to loop on front of corset, and can be removed)

Medium-Size 8-10
Bust 32-34"
Waist 26-28"

Bust 36-38"
Waist 30-32"

Arrest in this beauitful police fancy dress costume. Accessories supplied, and see our range of stocking below !
Costume your Irish Fancy Dress Costume Specialist !!

Round up a queue of villians and bad boys from your most wanted
list and then teach the bad boys how to be good and they won't
refuse you a thing. This saucey cop spends more time causin'
trouble as she does preventing it so if you want to be the most
arresting officer in the room this cool cop costume will increase
your arrest rate by 100%.