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Pinocchio Costume

  • €10.50
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Pinocchio puppet Costume includes:
*Top with attached bow tie
*Shorts with braces,
*Hat with attached hair
*Long Nose.
  • Standard:
    • Chest: Up to 42"
    • Waist: Up to 36"
  • Extra Large:
    • Chest: Up to 46"
    • Waist: Up to 44"

N.B. This costume cannot be shipped to the United Kingdom

Woodcarver Gepetto carves a wooden puppet called Pinocchio.
He hopes that Pinocchio will become a real boy and lo and behold
his wish is granted by a fairy. Pinocchio is known to have a short
nose that becomes longer when he tells a lie.
This costume is a replica of the Disney cartoon depiction in the 1940 film.
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