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S.W.A.T Jumpsuit Deluxe

S.W.A.T Jumpsuit Deluxe Costume

  • €72.95

SWAT Jumpsuit Deluxe
Costume consists:
*Bullet Vest with buckle front,
*Thigh Holster
*Thigh Pouch
*Hard Plastic Helmet with fabric cover.

Please note that the colour of this jumpsuit is Black

  • Standard:
    • Chest: 42" - 44"
    • Waist: 34" - 38"
    • Inseam 32"

S.W.A.T is an acronym for Special Weapons and Tactics. The S.W.A.T unit
is a law enforcement unit which uses specialized weapons and tactics .These
highly trained personel are used where the normal forces of law and order are
incapable of carrying out a certain task such as confronting armed criminals
hostage rescue and counter terrorism.Specialized equipment used by S.W.A.T
teams include heavy body armour armoured vehicles and advanced night vision
Costume your Irish Fancy Dress Costume Specialist !!