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Sexy Black Flapper

Sexy Black Flapper Costume

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Sexy Black Gatsby Flapper 1920 putting on the Ritz outfit  consists:

*Velvet fringed Dress
*Black FlowerHeadband

Small 8-10
Bust 32-34"
Waist 26-28"

Medium 12-14
Bust 36-38"
Waist 30-32"

Large 16-18
Bust 40-42"
Waist 34-36"

Recreate the Roaring 20's with this exquisite flapper outfit
direct from the hedonistic days of Molls and Gangsters.
This era produced a unique style all of its own. It was the era of Flappers,
Feather headpieces, beads, cigarette holders and fisnets. It was
an age of jazz clubs and speakeasys, wise guys, mouthy molls, tommy guns and super
sized cigars. Al Capone, Legs Diamond, Dutch Schultz and Lucky Luciano
all held sway in the world of organised crime as a new post war generation
got ready to throw off the shackles of war time austerity and got ready to party.