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Shell Suit-Blue

Shell Suit-Blue Costume

  • €33.50

1980s style scouser tracksuit includes

*Shell suit top
*Matching tacksuit bottoms

Medium-Chest 38-40"
Waist 32-34"
Inseam 32"

Large-Chest 42-44"
Waist 36-38"
Inseam 32"

XLarge-Chest 46-48"
Waist 40-42"
Inseam 32"

1980's Shell Suit

The Shell suit a follow on from the track suit and so called because of it's
outer nylon shell, first appeared in the late 80's.It was synonomous with the
breakdancing and hip hop scene.They were shiny on the exterior and
brightly coloured.It ultimately became labelled as the ultimate fashion faux
paux but it certainly left its mark on a decade that will be remembered for
it's loud flamboyant colour schemes.