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Teddy Boy-Blue

Teddy Boy-Blue Costume

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Teddy Boy blue
Costume includes:
*Shirt insert and Tie.

Medium-Chest 38-40"
Large - Chest 42-44"
XLarge- Chest 46-48"

Suitable for Disco or strictly come dancing

The Teddy Boy coat is a copy of the Edwardian Frock coat (thus Teddy Boy) that was made popular in Great Britain in the 1950's. The coat was usually matched with waist high tapered trousers (Drain pipes to you and me), exposing the socks and pocket flaps on the jacket. The footwear was chunky brogues and creep soled shoes (known as Brothel Creepers). Hairstyles included greased up hair with a quiff at the front and the side combed back to form a "duck's arse" at the rear.